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We just finished our last weigh in, and I'm stoked! This adventure was much more than I expected. I have so much more confidence in myself and know that whatever goals I set before me, I can accomplish. My favorite part of this journey is that even though the 6 months are over, my new lifestyle has just begun. This step was just the beginning to a new me! I'm very happy that I did it with Rich. It has made our relationship stronger, and I've really enjoyed walking/running nightly with him as well as our weekend workouts at Get Fit. A great big thank you to David, Nick, Katie, and all the staff at Get Fit. You guys are great! Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who have encouraged me through out the past 6 months... I've loved your comments! I'm anxious for you all to see the results in this Sunday's Enterprise... I'm really proud of both myself and Rich. Thanks, everyone, and I'll see you when I'm working out outside or at Get Fit Davis!

-Trish 7/30/2013

Well, I told you all that I was looking forward to going clothes shopping... and this weekend I did it! I didn't know what to expect, and but I was anxious to get to it. I made myself wait until the 6 months were almost over, and I was very happy that I did. I went from wearing a size 16 jeans to size 10 shorts and from wearing XL shirts to M ones. I was stoked! I knew that I was feeling better and that I had more stamina to do things. But when you see yourself every day, the change isn't that extreme. Well, thanks to all the assistance from David, everyone at Get Fit, and the hard work I've done on my "off" days, I'm now a new... styling... woman! Next week Monday will be our final weigh in... I'm ready!

-Trish 7/23/2013


It is really hard to believe that six months has gone by so quickly. I am truly indebted to Nick and the team at get Fit Davis for changing my life. While this program officially ends next week, my life has changed forever. I am pushing hard for the final results day to be sure, but whatever happens, I will continue to live a healthy active lifestyle and keep pushing every day of the rest of my life. I hope this has inspired at least one person, and I am so thankful for the support and encouragement that all of you have shared with me. Keep moving and be well!

-Rich 7/22/2013

Well it's our last month of our competition, and I decided that I wanted to try new exercises to finish strong. So, yesterday, I joined in with Nick's Outdoor Boot Camp and TRX training. It was a lot of fun to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. We had a beautiful setting in the oaks at El Macero, did great exercises with ropes and weights, did some "floor" work, and I learned how to do some TRX Rip Training exercises. The group was very inspiring to work with... I would suggest that everyone gives it a try!

-Trish 7/11/2013


The best indication of how active I am each day is the number of times I take a shower. If I take at least two showers a day, I know it has been a good day. That means I got in at least one workout, maybe two. If I take three or more, it has been an exceptional day…meaning that I have had an additional long walk, played tennis, or swam. When you are active you want to be more active. It is really contagious, and it has certainly made me crave more. I find myself looking for ways to do more, and each day I want to do something different. That is a good place to be! So here’s to taking more showers!

-Rich 7/11/2013

Not This Again

So after two really great weeks of training and eating well, I have been bitten by the injury bug again… Some old issue with my left knee and quad. After a great workout on Wednesday, it swelled up again and has really kept me from being active this weekend. I had started back to running again, and probably did a little too much, so I will back off that a bit and really concentrate on upper body strength moves and continue to condition on the stationary bike. You just have to roll with this stuff, fight hard and take it one day at a time. I hope you are all finding a way to stay active, but not overdo it in this heat! Results and measurements are tomorrow. Check the Enterprise this weekend…

Be Well!

-Rich 6/30/2013

Wow... what a fun kid's tri-athalon at El Macero yesterday! I loved watching the enthusiasm that Nick, Katie, and all the Get Fit folks instilled in the kids. I especially enjoyed watching my daughter, Shelby, compete in her first tri! When I asked her what her favorite part was... she said "everything!" I guess that says it all.

Tomorrow is our 5 month weigh in. (Can you believe that it's been 5 months already?) I've been making sure that I'm eating well and exercising with David, as well as on my own, so we'll see. I know that I feel great, so hopefully the results will show it!

-Trish 6/30/2013

Happy summer! I love the warmth and being outdoors as much as possible. The only difficulty I have found with summer is, now that school's out, I am at home for my meals. I do fine at breakfast and dinner, it's lunch that is causing me problems. When at school, I pack my lunch and therefor it's portioned out. Now that I'm at home, it's not as easy. So my focus this week is portion control. I have been making my lunches on smaller plates/bowls and making sure I'm drinking plenty of water. I hope that this strategy, along with exercising 4 times a week will pay off next week!

-Trish 6/19/2013


When it comes down to it, you have to hold yourself accountable. That is the bottom line, but the reality is that sometimes all of us fall short of our accountability goals. That may be in weight loss, family, work, etc., but all of us fall short. For me, staying disciplined and being held accountable is really big. Two months ago, I fell short of my goals of getting to the gym at least four times each week. Now, I can tell myself that because of injury, or work, or whatever, I just couldn’t get it done, but that is just making excuses, and that doesn’t help the cause.

The bottom line for me is that I was not holding myself accountable for getting to the gym and getting my workout in. I would get two good work outs with Nick, but then not get the other two in, because I didn’t get to the gym. Something had to be done. So in an effort to hold myself accountable, I pledged to get to the gym, get my workout in, and then take a picture of me in full sweat and send it to Nick. I do this now each week, at least twice a week, and it has really helped me. Knowing that I have to send that text with a picture of me, motivates me to get there. Once I am there, I love the work out, it’s just getting there that is tough sometimes. For the last six weeks I have followed this regimen, and it has been very successful. We’ll see just how well that pays off next week when it’s time for measurements, but I am confident that I am doing all I can, and that’s important to me. Do yourself a favor, and find something that works for you, and hold yourself accountable.

Live well!

-Rich 6/19/2013

Sorry it's been 2 weeks since I last blogged... it's been a good 2 weeks. Last weekend I went to Reno with my oldest son for a basketball tournament. (This was my first time away from home, for an extended period, since this adventure began.) Shortly after we checked into the hotel, I went to check out the fitness room. It was pretty well stocked and I decided that later on that evening I was going to come back and get started. I made it a point to visit the fitness room every day, even if it was for 30 minutes. I also made a point of watching what I ate. So, between eating right and exercising, I felt great when we headed back home on Monday.

Yesterday was month 4's weigh in. I knew that I had been working hard, but still was slightly nervous about the results after what happened last month. I had no reason to be... the results were good! I feel like I've redirected myself and have taken the bull by the horns... there's nothing standing between me and my goals!

-Trish 5/31/2013

Results and More Results

So first an update on my knee and the results from my MRI. Good news, bad news on this front, but mostly it’s all good. The MRI showed that I do have a tear in my quad tendon, but the good news with that is that it looks fairly small and appears to be healing, based on my strength and discomfort. Additionally, we discovered that I have a tear in my meniscus, and the bad news is that I will most likely need surgery on that some point in the future. But overall, I am feeling better, and my activity level is getting back to normal at this point. The expectation is that the quad will heal fully in about three more weeks, and I should be able to start pushing a bit harder then.

Yesterday was measurement day, and as you will see in the ad below, I am very happy with the results! I feel like I put the disappointment of last month behind me and now I am refueled and fired up to push forward. I am back solidly under 300 lbs. and I vow never to see that number again. Thanks again for all your support and I am so proud to work with Nick on this life changing experience!

Be well!

-Rich 5/31/2013

Happy belated Mother's Day! I've had a really good week. I've worked out in the gym and on the street/parking lot, and also ate well. It's truly amazing how much better you feel when you combine exercise and eating healthy. My favorite part of the week was yesterday, Mother's Day. My kids made my protein shake smoothie and tea for breakfast, then the whole family spent the afternoon walking around the zoo and Old Town, and we topped it off with a broiled seafood dinner. What a great day! I'm really feeling better about the month of May and love that I keep finding new ways to get exercise into my daily routine.

-Trish 5/14/2013

I love the summer! I love the warmth and all the outdoor activities that come along with it. I also like pulling out my summer clothes. Well, last summer I wasn't so happy about it. I could hardly fit into anything. This summer is another story! I am having fun seeing old shorts that I wasn't able to squeeze in to last year, fitting, and even in some cases, being loose! I held off on trying on one particular pair of capris, just incase they were still tight. I was very happy when not only did they fit, they fit well. Yea!!! I guess the next step is to toss the ones that are too baggie and go shopping for new. I can't wait!

-Trish 5/21/2013

Getting Swole…not Swollen

One of the great things about having teenage boys is learning all about what is cool. Now I don’t profess to be cool by any means, but I do like to at least be in the loop on what is cool. So my boys keep telling me I am Getting Swole and that is a good thing. For those who don’t know that means getting buff or getting ripped. All good things… It is naturally shortened from Swollen, but that is very different and not a good thing for sure. So last week I was on top of the world. I had my most recent fitness test and scored higher in every category. I even ran a full two miles for the first time in two years. And then it hit me…I went from Swole to left knee this time. It swelled up like a beach ball. Last weekend was the worst, but it is still very sore and swollen. So after a trip to my Orthopedic Doctor, and a scheduled MRI, we are changing my workouts to be a little less impactful on the knees. Don’t get me wrong, I am not letting up one bit…just need to be a little more careful with how I pound on this body. Not entirely sure what’s going on with the knee…might be a torn meniscus, or an issue with my quadriceps tendon. We do know I have bone spurs on my patella, but I will know more after the MRI. The good news is there are many ways to stay active without the impact of running, and you can be sure I will be doing all of those, as well as hard core strength moves. Once again I am so glad to be under the watchful eye of such a pro in Nick Walejeski. Keep pushing everyone…Let’s Get Swole!

-Rich 5/18/2013

I just want to shout out a thanks to last week's weigh in... you put me back on track! I feel great! I have exercised in the gym, exercised outdoors, rode my bike places instead of driving, and have made wonderful meals instead of eating out. In just a few days of making the changes needed, I can feel the difference in my energy level and how my body moves. So watch out month 4 (and beyond)... I'm back!

-Trish 5/5/2013

Right Back on the Horse!

What an awesome end to the week. I feel like I am really turning up the heat and getting stronger every hour. I had great workouts this week and my overall nutrition has been the best since week four. I even ran a good bit this week…a couple times on the treadmill, and twice on the track. I am so looking forward to the next week, and I am finding myself trying to add activity to everything I do. As you all know this was results week, and the results were good, but not great. I feel like this was such a great opportunity to evaluate the things I am doing well and improve the things I am not dominating. I the last five days, I have certainly identified them and feel like I am going to have an unbelievable month. Can’t weight for the results at the beginning of June! Hope you are all staying active with us. Remember we are all in this together!

-Rich 5/5/2013

So... yesterday was our 3 month weigh in. Usually I'm very happy with the results, but not this time. I have no one to blame but myself. I have been exercising, but have been slacking in eating healthy. Life has been busy, so I just thought if I just pick this up once or eat out this time, no problem. Well when you don't watch what you eat, or even portion control, it shows. At first I was shocked by the 2 pound loss and fat percentage gain... but after about an hour of feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I was the only one who could make the necessary change. So, I am! I'm back to watching what I eat, cutting out the bad carbs and eating more good carbs, portion control, and just overall better eating habits. I know what to do... now I'm going to do it! Watch out month 4 weigh-in, I'm comin' after you!

-Trish 5/2/2013

Finding Time

I'm a little nervous about this week's weigh in. I have exercised 4 days (good) but haven't been eating very well (bad). We've been very busy with baseball, softball, and basketball, and I have found myself being lazy and picking up "quick" items. I have watched how many calories they have, but they haven't been the best choices. This week I'm starting a new! I'm going to alter my menus so that on the nights we have an activity, I will either do crock pot or have something quick to make at home. You can never go wrong throwing something on the grill!

-Trish 4/28/2013

Cheeseburgers, Pizza, and Tater Tots

Well this week has been a struggle. I have no excuses, but I will be totally honest and tell you all that I have not eaten well. I have also had a decrease in activity after preaching about getting fitness on my schedule I really failed to keep up. Now, to be fair, I have still eaten at a reduced number of calories, but the choices have not been the best. As I have mentioned in past blogs, I have not really craved anything, but I have just found myself falling into lazy old habits and grabbing what was available instead of eating fruits and vegetables. I know better, and I will pick myself back up!

This week is results week, and I normally really look forward to seeing my progress, but after this last week, I am a little concerned. Back on the horse…

Live well everyone!

-Rich 4/29/2013

First off, let me say that I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in 2 weeks. It has been a good 2 weeks for me. I have been doing my usual 2 days a week workout with David and my class on Wednesday mornings, all of which have been going well. I have tried to squeeze in biking or finding some other way to exercise on 2 additional days during the week, but am not always able to. The one thing I have been vigilant with has been my eating. I really have made an effort to cook and eat healthy everyday, and on the days we have to pick something up for dinner, I have chosen the light menu option. I feel much better eating well, and have noticed that my energy to keep up with the kids has increased. Thank you to my friends and colleagues who have supported me during this journey... your comments really help me keep pushing myself to the next level!

-Trish 4/20/2013

Finding Time

I am more than ten weeks into a new lifestyle, and I still struggle with finding time to get activity in each day. The best advice I can give is to schedule something every day. Even if it is 30 minutes of cardio, out it on your schedule and commit to it. If you just tell yourself, “I’ll try and squeeze in a workout here or there”, it just doesn’t happen…not in my life anyway. So, now I will practice what I am preaching. I am looking forward to this week and putting in 6 solid days of activity. The next few weeks are really important to me. I want to push through some mental and physical barriers, and I need to feel some wins. Enjoy the journey everyone!

-Rich 4/20/2013

Coming Back Stronger!

First let me apologize for the silence for the last week or so. I have been a bit down and out…sick for a few days and I have still been fighting the foot thing. On top of all of that, I have had a couple of really stressful weeks at work, but I am still standing tall and through all of that, I am finally getting back into the routine. It is very interesting to me, that when you feel run down you crave bad food. For the last week I have wanted (and eaten), pizza and burgers. Not a lot of them, but there is a definite change in what I want based on how I feel. Over the last 8 weeks, when I have been working out and eating well, I craved good things like spinach, fresh vegetables, and lean proteins, last week it was just the opposite. That is all part of it, though! Fighting through tough times makes you stronger. I am still very proud of my results last week, so more to build on as I continue the march forward.

Great to see so many people out last week at Get Fit Davis’ Grand Opening. So many people changing their lives for the better. Enjoying the journey!

-Rich 4/8/2013

This was a unique week for me. I wasn't feeling well on Monday (welcome to Spring Break), but came in for the 2 month weigh in. I was very happy with my, and Rich's, results! Please check out Sunday's Enterprise Ad, or right here, and see for yourself! Needless to say, I wasn't able to workout on Monday. Instead, I went home and went to bed. I was feeling better on Tuesday, but still took it easy. By Wednesday morning I felt great, went in for the 5:30am class, and walked away feeling like myself again. I felt so good, instead of sitting around on Thursday, I went in for a great cardio workout. By Friday, it was back to business! I guess by listening to my body and taking it easy when I wasn't 100%, I was able to finish the week on a high note.

-Trish 4/7/2013

Happy Easter! Thanks to everyone who stopped by at yesterday's Get Fit Davis Open House, I really enjoyed talking to you! As for today, the kids and I made a wonderful brunch and it was delicious. I felt like I ate too much, so I decided to take a walk. I got into my music and when it was all done, I found out that I walked 4.5 miles in a little over an hour. My legs are tired, but it felt good. I guess now I'm ready for dinner! I hope you had as good of a day as I did!

-Trish 3/31/2013

Another great workout! I feel like a broken record, but it really is cool seeing how much more my body can be pushed with each workout. Just when I think I can't do any more, or my legs feel wobbly, somewhere deep inside allows me to push on. It feels great! I feel great!

-Trish 3/27/2013

Another great week. Nose to the grindstone for me, and nothing real exciting to report. I am still working through foot pain, but tolerating it. I am now trying laser therapy a couple times each week and hope to really increase my activity level with its help. I only got one work out in with Nick this week, because of some travel, so I had to really remain dedicated to our plan. I had two more good workouts, so all went well, and I am still very focused. I have seen so many people in the community who tell me how great I look and it is so motivating. I get so pumped up hearing from all of you. Thanks for the encouragement, and to all of you on this journey with us, keep up the good work!

Next week is another results week…really pushing hard for measurement day!

-Rich 3/24/2013

Today was crazy busy for all of us. Shelby had softball opening day activities and then a game at 2, Noah was involved in a band festival at DHS, Ted had 3 basketball games in Folsom, Rich was busy at work, and I was the taxi driver/spectator. Needless to say, we were running all day. When we finally got home around 6, Rich and I decided to do something for ourselves... go to the gym! It was nice to spend an hour working out with him. I wasn't too sure how we were going to fit exercise into a very busy day, but we made it work and it felt really good!

-Trish 3/23/2013

Well, it finally happened... I knew it would eventually. Last night was Noah's freshman baseball game and I forgot to prep anything for dinner. The kids were very hungry, it was almost 7, and just wanted to pick something up. So on our way home, we stopped by Carl's Jr. to pick up dinner. I stood in line trying to decided what I could/wanted to eat. I had a salad for lunch, so I wasn't in the mood for that, and a burger sounded really good. I was surprised when I found that they had a lo-carb option! I ordered the 6 dollar low carb burger, no fries or drink, and really liked it! Not that I'm planning on doing this often, but it was a great option for a quick meal.

-Trish 3/20/2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Guinness, fried fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage…not for me! I’ll stay on the plan and get in 40 minutes of cardio just like every Sunday. I have worked too hard to let that slide away, and I really am not even tempted. It has been another good week, even though I ended up dealing with a lot of stress in every phase of life. That is really what this journey is all about. I took my son, Noah, and several of his friends to his baseball game in Stockton on Tuesday. After a long hard fought game (we won), the team decided to go to Five Guys for dinner. Now, I love me some Five Guys! So this one was difficult, but here’s how I handled it. I ordered a cheeseburger with all of the veggies and no sauce (mayo, ketchup, mustard, etc.). Then when I got it, I asked for more lettuce, got rid of the top bun and ate a cheeseburger salad. It was great, and I still had a great time enjoying being with all of the Blue Devil parents and coaches. I avoided the fries and soft drinks, and all went well. It’s funny though, now that I have been eating so much fresh food, it didn’t taste nearly as good as I had remembered. I think that is a good sign… Stay strong everyone!

-Rich 3/17/2013

Shelby had softball practice today at Community park, so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a walk. I had a great 3 mile walk through North Davis and loved seeing everyone out walking or on their bikes. Tis the weather to get out and enjoy! I really wanted to come home and weigh myself, but I promised Nick that I wouldn't do that until our official monthly weigh ins. It's really hard to wait, but I guess if I keep feeling as good as I am, and having my clothes fit looser and looser, it'll be worth it.

-Trish 3/16/2013

Again, because of my kid's schedules, I went to a morning class at Get Fit Davis. It's such a great way to start my day and GFD has so many to offer. It's even more fun when you come home to wake up the rest of the family. They really don't like the pumped up/energized wake up, but too bad! I like it! The other thing I like about my new self is the way my clothes are fitting. It feels great! Speaking of clothes, please check out the picture of David, Shelby (my daughter) and me sporting our Team Trish shirts. Monday's are going to be tie-dye day... feel free to join us!

-Trish 3/13/2013

I just want to send out a great big thank you to everyone who is encouraging me! I love hearing from you at the gym, at school, at the baseball field, at church, in the neighborhood, in emails, and at the store... it really pumps me up! Knowing that so many of you are behind us in this journey, it makes the road more fun to travel. Thanks, and keep it up!!!

-Trish 3/11/2013


So it comes as no surprise that I would really start to experience aches and pains as my activity level has increased. My inactivity and weight gain has really taken a toll on my body. This week I continue to work through the foot issue, and now I experienced some discomfort in my lower back, glutes and hamstring. As I do before each session with my trainer, Nick, I shared what was going on, and he immediately reacted with a plan of attack. We changed up a couple of exercises that were probably more strenuous on my lower back and found alternatives. In addition, Nick helped stretch me out really well and used a foam roller on my back to relieve the pressure. Once again, this shows the great value of having a personal trainer with the kind of expertise that Nick has. If I were following a plan of my own, or one designed by someone who does not really know me, I would have continued to do the exercises that hurt those areas. I cannot stress enough the value of professional personal trainers as you get started in this!

I am happy to report the results of my fitness test on Monday. This is just a report card of sorts, that keeps me on track and accountable for gains in the gym and weight room. On my first report I could only do 10 pushups in 1 minute. Four weeks later I did 19. The same with squats…day one I did 20, and this week I did 29. There are many other components, but they were all gains and my level of overall fitness has definitely improved. Still strong on nutrition and my water intake, and at the end of 5 weeks, I am going strong and very happy with the progress.

-Rich 3/8/2013

I found myself in the same predicament that many parents are in... work/meetings throughout the day, kid's activities after school and no time for a workout. Instead of saying, "I'll find time tomorrow", I decided to go to a morning class at Get Fit. I went to David's 5:30am class this morning. Yes, it was very hard to get up at 5, but it was VERY worth it. It was fun to be encouraged by the others, and it really got my blood pumping. I felt like I was ready to take on the day. I am not a morning person, but I'm telling you... it was a great way to start my busy day!

-Trish 3/7/2013

First Month Result Are In!

Finally got on the scale and got measured. It has been another great week, and I am really happy with the results, but not just pounds and inches lost. Before I started this program I had less energy, and less zeal for life. I am here to tell you, that when you are active every day your life just has more meaning. That may sound corny, but it is amazingly true. Besides that, I feel better in other ways too. I used to have frequent heartburn, but now I drink nothing but water (and a lot of it), and you know what…I haven’t had any issues with heartburn in over a month! So results come in many ways. There are many more, and I will try and share some of these each week.

I still have setbacks…and here is the update on my foot. I went to the foot Dr. and he evaluated it as an issue with my Peroneal Tendon in my left foot (x rays and further tests are forthcoming). For now I am in a walking boot and taking ibuprofen for the pain. I plan to keep staying active and getting my workouts in, but just need to be smart about how I do that. Again, I am so thankful to have Nick’s watchful eye to help me through this, and I am so looking forward to conquering this obstacle! Stay active everyone and look for us in the Davis Enterprise this Sunday.

-Rich 3/2/2013

Well, first weigh in is done! I feel really good about my results and the progress I'm making. Like all of us, I would have loved to see more pounds lost. But as Nick and David explained, I am losing fat and gaining muscle, so the balance is there. I feel like I am fitting in my clothes better and like the changes that are happening with my body. I feel like I can push myself further and know that next month the results will be even better. Look for us in Sunday's Enterprise and see our changes for yourself!

-Trish 3/1/2013

Phew... I just got finished with sprints on the speed machine (ie: treadmill) and my legs are wobbly. It feels great, and I know it will pay off on Friday's one month weigh in! I'm very excited and anxious to see what my progress is. I feel like I have more energy and my jeans are fitting a bit looser, so I know I'm doing something... we'll just see what Friday brings...

-Trish 2/27/2013

Well... week 3 is in the bag, and what a week it's been. I told you all that my soreness was going away. Well, it's back, but in a good way. I'm finding new muscles that I didn't know I had. They are sore after I work out, but I guess that means I'm doing what I need to do to get fit. I have worked out at the gym twice, and even skipped home one time! Most other days, you can find me walking around the neighborhood or with friends walking the track at the high school. So if you see me skipping or walking around, please say hi, or better yet... join me!

-Trish 2/25/2013

New Shoes!

Coming to the end of week three, and I am working through a minor setback. As I have increased my activity, I have noticed increased pain along the outside of my left foot. I don’t think it is anything serious, but I took the advice of my trainer and got fitted for new shoes, and I also picked up some technical socks. I went to Fleet Feet in Davis, and Andrea helped fit me for a new pair of cross trainers that feel great. Wow, what a difference! I won’t say that the pain is gone, but certainly I am feeling better, so that is a big improvement. As for my routine, I am staying strong with the eating plan, and I have been steadily trying to add more cardio each day. I am pleased with the direction I am going, and getting anxious for next week, as we will be weighing in and doing a fitness evaluation. Looking forward to feedback on how I am progressing!

Thanks again for all the encouragement!

-Rich 2/22/2013

"Feelin' Stronger Everyday" ... yep, that's me! With the soreness pretty much gone, I am now going to focus endurance. I keep thinking about how much I "used to" be able to do, and want to get back to that. I know that it will take time, I'm just not that patient. But, as David says, I need to listen to my muscles and stop thinking about everything else... endurance will come. I am finding myself anxious to get to the workouts and seeing what I can do on a daily basis. 3 weeks ago, I felt very sluggish when I woke up each day. Now I wake up with energy and am ready to take on the day. I love how eating healthy and exercising daily are beginning to change me!

-Trish 2/18/2013

Middle of week two...and all is great! I'm finding new places to be sore in, but in a good way. This way I know that my muscles are "waking up" and are ready for a new lifestyle. It's fun to find new ways to fit in exercise on the day's I'm not in the gym, and even better with the support that I have from friends and colleagues. Nothing can replace the enthusiasm that David's giving me, but knowing that I can continue this, even with a busy schedule, is great!

-Trish 2/14/2013

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Have a great day, but not too many sweets…

I have been getting calls and emails from many friends and acquaintances wishing me well and offering encouragement. Thank you to all for your support!

Before embarking on this journey, I don’t think I had a real appreciation of what a personal trainer does, or what amazing value there is in their services. Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly worked with, and played for coaches before, and the motivation they give is priceless. And I have seen the results that personal trainers get with individuals who want to get in shape. I have just never, personally, had the experience, but I can tell you that in just two weeks, I could not have gotten started without Nick’s expert services and dedication. If you are just starting on a similar journey, or you are frustrated at a point in the middle, I would insist on getting a trainer to get you started, or re-started. Nick has taken care of everything, including: designing my meal plan, creating each day’s fitness workout, providing encouragement and pushing me to work hard. All while, being genuinely concerned about me and my progress. He explains everything we do and why we do it. This is a graduate course in how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am soaking in his knowledge so that I can apply it to my daily life going forward. He is the consummate professional, and he “walks the walk”.

Still miles to go on this road, but I am so thankful I am doing it with Nick’s guidance, and with the great team at Get Fit Davis.


-Rich 2/14/2013

Its Friday! I have had a great week…two workouts with Nick and walking between 2 and 3 miles each day for a start. I have done really well with the nutrition, and it has not really been hard. I have had a lot of people ask me what I am doing for the “diet”, and I tell them it is much more than that. This is a lifestyle change, and as such, I am changing my eating habits as a part of an overall wellness plan. Yes, Nick has me on a program to eat the right foods at the right time of the day in order to really maximize the body burning fuel when it needs it, but the foods are very simple and the ones you expect…fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. There is no low carb, no carb, all fruit, low fat solution. The answer is to eat sensible and balanced meals, give the body fuel when it needs it, and avoid refined sugars (empty calories like, soda, candy, ice cream). In just four days of eating better, I have more energy and just feel more alert. I have a long way to go, but I love the direction I am going. Thanks to all who have shared well wishes and encouragement…it is very inspirational to me! Live well!

Thanks again and I will see you next week,

-Rich 2/8/2013

Day one is in the books. What a great start...ate well today and got in a great workout with Nick. I felt weak and out of breath after very little activity. I want to remember how that feels and I vow to never get to this point again. We are laying the groundwork for the foundation...lots of building to come, but for today it was a great start!

-Rich 2/4/2013

Well... the first day is under my belt! I'm sore, but in a good way. I'm very excited to keep going and get to be a better me!

-Trish 2/4/2013

Wow... am I ready to begin! I am a very busy mom of 3 kids who rarely takes time to exercise. Ted, 17, is very busy with football, basketball, and baseball; Noah, 15, keeps us running with his football and baseball; Shelby, 7, is also very involved with gymnastics, soccer, softball, and girl scouts; Rich, my husband, is busy at work and football zero period; and finally me, working as a para educator, teaching faith formation, and "taxi driving" the kids around town. With that schedule, I haven't taken time for myself. I am now ready to do something for me, as well as my family! I appreciate all the encouragement that I have already received from everyone today after the great article that Bruce wrote. I know I can count on you all for support! Please feel free to follow our journey on our blog, or better yet... come join us at Get Fit Davis!

-Trish 2/3/2013

Here I am on Super Bowl Sunday. I am 44 years old and really out of shape. Just read Bruce Gallaudet’s awesome article, and it is all out there now… I am just like so many Americans who want to do something about it. I am going to get up off the couch and get going! I am so excited to get started with Nick, and I am thrilled to be doing this with my wonderful and supportive wife. Today’s inspiration: “You can’t run a marathon without taking the first step”. Looking forward to the journey…

-Rich 2/3/2013

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