Class Descriptions

All Levels
    Recommended: 10-minute cardio warm-up before class. Boot Camp consists of alternating high repetition segments of weightlifting and cardio conditioning.

    Achieve total body fitness through high intensity intervals of cardiovascular training, strength training, calisthenics and plyometrics. Using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, steps, bosu trainers, stability balls and group challenges guarantees that each class will be unique and fun! Prepare to sweat and see the results!

    Using the philosophy of athletic training, H.E.A.T. is taught in an interval format with higher and lower intensity levels incorporating cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

    NOT recommended for members who have any previous or chronically existing back and joint injuries. Train to strike, block, punch, and kick a punching bag while gaining greater strength, flexibility, stamina, and an aerobic workout. Kick/Bag Intro., Beginning Bag, and Kick/Bag are all formatted to challenge participants of any fitness levels. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

    Suggested 5-10 minute cardiovascular warm-up prior to class. A combination of body sculpting and low impact movements using weights. If you’re not into dance-y combinations that require mega-coordination, this is the class for you!!!

    Pilates conditions the entire body and promotes balanced musculature, flexibility, and agility. Walk away from class with improved posture and core control.

    This is a low-impact high intensity workout for all fitness levels. Have fun during this energetic class learning form, strategy, and traditional kickboxing techniques.

    More than just a workout! Combines a foundation of basic cycling movements, motivational coaching techniques and breathing awareness. Available in 45 and 60min lengths. *FIRST TIME TO SPINNING – Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for proper bike set-up.

    STOTT Pilates is a system of exercises designed to enhance physical strength, flexibility, coordination, posture, and mental awareness. The system is appropriate for all ages starting with adolescents (16+). To achieve these goals we focus and cue basic principles of STOTT Pilates throughout one hour workout. We build on strength, flexibility, and coordination with emphasis on safety. You will step out of the classroom feeling relaxed yet stronger and more balanced ready to take on new challenges of everyday life.

    Sculpt and define from head to toe as you strengthen your entire body. Using weights, bands, balls and much more, variety will prevent you from hitting a fitness plateau. With options for everyone, challenge your body to its personal best each class.

    Iyengar/eclectic inspired hatha yoga. Emphasis on dynamic precision and alignment, aided when necessary by various props to maximize opening and awareness. Stability and concentration are developed while the physical body is revitalized. Practical requests: bare-feet, empty stomach and loose clothing.

    An intermediate level approach that combines inspiration from both the Ashtanga Primary Series and Anusara-Hatha yoga. Focus will shift from class to class between developing the strength and awareness of the following Ashtanga Primary Series, to deepening one's relationship with the poses through Anusara-Hatha physical alignment principles.

    This is a low-impact and high energy workout for all fitness levels. Have fun during this energetic class learning some basic Latin and hip-hop inspired dance moves.

    Get off to a great start in the morning! This unique workout is designed to improve core muscular strength, endurance, agility, equilibrium and postural control. Get a great workout while having fun and achieving real fitness results.

    The perfect class for both the complete beginner and very advanced student. The class focuses on perfect form and building blocks of Pilates, upon which more advanced moves are built. Come and build a strong foundation of Pilates' basic principles while working at the level that is right for you.

    Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

  • YOGA - Vinyasa (Intermediate)
    Strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve circulation with this invigorating Vinyasa flow practice. Room is heated to 80°.

    YOGA - Yin and Power (Intermediate)
    Yin Yoga and Power Yoga: This class begins with 50 minutes of Yin Yoga, followed by 50 minutes of Power Yoga. Students are welcome to come for just Yin or just Power Yoga or to stay for the full class.

    Yin Yoga poses are held for 3-5 minutes without any movement for the purpose of targeting the inflexible collective tissue of the body. Although Yin is gentle, it is not necessarily a restorative or relaxing style of yoga. Students can expect safe, but very deep stretching in the hips, back and legs. The benefits include more stable and healthy connective tissue and joints to support active lifestyles. This yoga practice is perfect for runners and cyclists.

    Power Yoga is a rigorous blend of strength postures and movement designed to elevate the heart rate while toning and stretching the entire body. A special focus is on the development of core abdominal strength and the mind-body connection. The room is heated to 80 degrees.

    YOGA - Vinyasa-lates (Intermediate)
    Strengthen core abdominal muscles and increase flexibility with this invigorating Vinyasa and Pilates fusion practice. This class follows the format of a rigorous Vinyasa Yoga class with classic Pilates technique incorporated into the flow of postures.

    High-energy cardio intervals are combined with no impact exercises at the "barre" for continual fat-burning and muscle lengthening. This unique core-based workout focuses on resistance and toning for butt, thighs, torso and arms.

    A high intensity, sweat pouring, heart pumping, muscle burning workout! In this class you will get a total body experience using fast paced cardio drills, circuit weight training, and fierce calisthenics. Finishing with a core strengthening cool down, you will be pushing your body from start to finish with little to no breaks. This is an intermediate/advanced boot camp designed to challenge you to take your body to its limit.

    Work the cardio intervals, using the step and BOSU for sports drills and plyometrics, to raise your heart rate. Power through the intervals of muscle work to bring your heart rate down while building muscle and burning fat.

    This is a challenging, sweat inducing blast of weight lifting, core work, and boxing. No experience required! Circuits of high intensity boxing and weightlifting are blended together to make a workout that gets your heart pounding. If you are looking for something that will test your conditioning and challenge you in new ways, this is the class for you! All attendees will receive instructions for the basic boxing techniques used in class. Bringing your own gloves is suggested, but not required.

    Circuit-based strength training designed to wake you up and start your day off right! Not only will we hit every muscle throughout the week, but we will systematically and measurably increase your strength and conditioning. Look forward to a tough workout that will test your mind and body. Don't forget to set that alarm!